Product cards disabled when a picture is attached to a tweet


We have noticed that product cards are not displayed when a picture is attached to the tweet. Is this by design? How can be enable both?


  1. Tweet with a link: The product card works here.
  2. Tweet with a picture and a link to the product card:


Can you do me a favor and try reversing the order of the URLs?



We are using Update With Media API to upload the picture and are including the product card URL in tweet text. We don’t have control over the order.


@rchoi … any suggestions?


At this point, I don’t have any. I believe the ordering of the URLs is what matters in which card gets generated. If the tool does it a certain way, I might suggest doing it manually the opposite way.


I tried doing this from the website. The interface does not allow me to change the order either. Here are my steps

  1. Compose a tweet
  2. Add the following text to the tweet
    Canon PowerShot A640 10MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom
  3. Attach an image to the tweet


Sorry for the delay. At this point, I suggest you contact the tool provider, as they might have more insight and can help you change the ordering.