Product Card vs App Card for displaying image and download/open in link


I apologize if this has already been answered, but I can’t seem to find any concrete answers on the docs or discussion forums. Similar to the Path example on this post (, I’m looking to create a card that displays an image from my app + a description + a “download” or “open in” link.

I’ve looked at both the product and app card overviews, and the prior seems to be the best option. I might be missing something though. Any guidance would be appreciated!


Hello Patrick,

If you main goal is to display an image, you can use a [node:15945]. Regardless of the type of Twitter Cards that you use, they all support App Installs and Deep Linking as mentioned in the link you shared in your message.

What you have to do is implement a Twitter Card such as a Photo Card, and provide the additional meta tags to describe your app ID, URL and name for iPhone, iPad, Android.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


I see. Thanks Romain!


Thanks Romain! I have one more related question. I found this post, which is basically the same question I have. Can we use a custom URL for the app store link? so something like which links to the app store?


Yes, you can. We follow redirects from URL shorteners/wrappers.