Product card validates but request approval button is disabled


I’ve validated and been approved for a summary card for and they are working here:

I would like to instead use the product card type as we are selling tickets to events using label1 for dates and label2 for venue/location. You can see the meta tags at this URL:

At the moment, the ?card=true triggers the product card type, while without that param, it serves a regular summary card. I’m doing it this way to try to debug the situation. When I pass the above URL into the validator, it validates with all green circles however the “request approval” button is disabled and cannot be clicked with a message saying “* not approved”.

What do I need to do in order to get the request approval button to work for the product type?



Ping? Help?


Hi @twitter, I’m wondering how I get this resolved? It’s been two weeks since my original reply, I see lots of other answers posted here. Surely, someone knows the answer to this?



Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. Could you please add an image URL for twitter:image and try again? This field is required.

Read more about [node:15978] and let us know if you need further help.


Thanks @romainhuet - we dynamically output the image tag if we have one but we won’t always have one. As it’s a new feature (to include the image), not many events have one yet. Is it mandatory to have it every time?


Thanks for the note. Product Cards require an image indeed, contrary to some other types like Summary Cards where it is not mandatory.

Alternatively, is this a way you could link to a nice placeholder image until you have a custom image to display in twitter:image for a particular URL?


I am trying to get a large summary card.

I have filled in the image field and all the required (and non-required fields). In the preview area everything is green but when I try to validate it says that I have an invalid url and that the twitter title is not good.
Also, it will not approve my site and the request approval button is also disabled.

Please help. Thanks.

I don’t have the website as my website on twitter yet. Don’t know if that’s an issue.


It may be because your site is not allowing access from our crawlers.

Check here for ASNUM info:

Also, you can give us your URL and we might be able to debug.



@romainhuet - that fixed it for me, just following up to say thanks and we have it working.

However, it does seem that the twitter:image meta tag does not support protocol-less URLs, e.g.: