Product card validates, but get a "not approved" error message


I’m working with a client to get product cards working with their store. The product card validation seems to work (all green lights), but I get an error message that says “not approved”.

Any idea how we can get this to validate and be approved?

Example product url:


Absolutely, all you need to do is click the “Request approval” button on the Cards Validator page, and we will approve the site to use Cards if everything is in order.


Thats the challenge, the button isn’t active.


That’s odd - are you logged in to when you submit your URL for approval? Also, I note that the twitter:domain field is empty, I think that’s optional, but I wonder if it is stopping your product card from being fully validated.

I’m checking with the cards guys too.


I am so new to this. I followed the 5 steps to get a ProductCard for Twitter. But not sure where to place the meta tags in my site. I am a Novice at this. So I get an error: “wrong product card”. Please help.


@andypiper, any luck on this one?


The best place to put the meta tags on your site will be in between the tags at some point.


Sorry, no I didn’t get to the bottom of it. I’ll ask one of the Cards folks to take a look at this thread directly.


It looks like this might be a minimum image requirements issue. When I changed your image (locally) to the larger size (, the card seemed to work fine. Could you give this a shot?