Product card Not working - Android phone browser


I implemented twitter product card and it works fine in computer as well as in twitter app in Android mobile phone. but when I browse the same through phone web browser it is showing like below.

[blank image] %{data1} %{Label1}

is there any way around, to display it correctly or open the url in twitter app automatically from phone web browser ??

please help!!


Hi. I am also having similar problem… expecting some help…


We have been experiencing the exact same issue since we implemented Twitter Product Cards in November, 2014: our product cards look just fine in the desktop version of Twitter and in the mobile app, while on they appear horribly broken (this happens both with Chrome/Android and with Safari/iOS).


Another topic about the same issue was closed with a confusing reply by a Twitter staff member:

This is expected behaviour - Twitter Cards work on desktop web, and on mobile on iOS and Android.

…Except they don’t work on mobile on iOS and Android.

Would someone please look into what looks like a bug?