“processing;too_small” Audience files


Some audience files loaded via the API, return the “processing;too_small” status. Does this mean it will never be usable? Or is it possible that it will continue to process and become usable if it’s no longer too small? It’s strange because sometimes we see files that are “processing;too_small” and some that are just “too_small” but neither files seem to ever be usable. Trying to understand the difference…


Thanks for the question, @laurensimonelli. Yes, when you see

      "reasons_not_targetable": [

it does indicate that the audience is still being processed. It is possible for the audience to become usable once it’s finished processing, as long as it’s large enough.

"reasons_not_targetable": [TOO_SMALL] means it’s finished processing, but not usable.

The reason we sometimes show both is that the API, unlike the UI, allows modifying (e.g., using the POST accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes endpoint) audiences.

Hope this clarifies things.


Thanks for your response! How come some remain as processing for multiple days (we’ve seen 10+ days)? I thought, processing will complete in a couple hours?


Thanks the the follow up, @laurensimonelli. We had a TA processing issue and the guidance is to reupload lists that are stuck in processing. Please let us know whether this resolves the issue—that the newly uploaded audience is ready to use after being processed, given that it’s large enough. Thanks!