Procedure to get tweets from 2 years ago



Hi all,
I’m quite new to the REST API, since I have always worked with the Streaming APIs. Anyway I’m now involved in an academic project that aims to analyze and compare two datasets (one we already have, the other we should create it). The dataset we have is relative to a time window that goes from January 2013 to May 2014, and we want another one of tweets from the same period, but only the ones posted in a given language (italian) and containing some keywords we want to focus on.

I read the documentation of the REST API Search/tweets, and, as far as I’m understanding, I am not allowed to search for tweets older than 1week!

Could you give me some hints on how to get them? (I read on stackoverflow that I should use GNip, but I have no idea - and no money - on how to proceed)

Thank you for any help you will provide :slight_smile: