Problems with widget on the website



Hello , I’m having some problems with instability api twitter widget .

What happens:
I insert all the keys requested by the widget, enable the features, but the twitters appear and disappear from my site page .
That is, it works for a while and after the service ends , stopping display .

Thank you very much in advance.


Could you provide some more information for us to help you here. Can you share the url to your website? What browser are you using? What type of widget?


I am having the same problem. I recently noticed that my Blogger failed to generate a profile timeline using a pre-existing widget (i.e., one using a widget ID). I created a new widget, but both WordPress and Blogger failed to create the timeline in an HTML editor plug-in.


If you are asked to input keys you may be using a tool custom-rendering Tweets based on the Twitter API. You will need to raise issues with your plugin or theme provider powering that software.

Twitter embedded timelines display Tweets on your website using our official, supported displays.


I am able to add an embedded timeline to my Blogger-powered site using the HTML/JavaScript gadget and the HTML generated on


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