Problems with 'until' in REST API



I’m having trouble getting the Twitter Search API to work for me. The issue stems from the “until” command.

View my code here:

Queries at index 0 and 1 work fine, queries at index 2 and 3 do not. Note: both of these work fine when using the Twitter Search in-browser tool
('"Apple"%20until%3A2011-12-29&src=typd )
("Apple"%20since%3A2011-12-27%20until%3A2011-12-29&src=typd )

This behavior is identical in both Tweepy (Python) and in twitter4j (Java). I have a sample program in Java if you would like to see the problem replicated in twitter4j.


So to clarify, the following does not return any results:

# Tweepy api search results ='"Apple" until:2011-12-29')

Here is the accompanying Search API version:'"Apple"%20until%3A2011-12-29&src=typd


The Search API only indexes about a week’s worth of tweets – unfortunately, you can’t search that far back in time with the Search API.