Problems with Tailored Audiences... ¿again?



We are experiencing problems with Tailored Audiences again. They are being marked as “Too Small” although there is no reason to believe they are small (they are in the thousands of valid, recent users).

Today, when uploading the audiences using the web interface, the “Uploading data file…” dialog window freezes at “Uploading… (99.0%)” and stays in that state forever (cross checked in different browsers and operating systems, and with different user accounts).

Problems with Tailored Audiences started two weeks ago, but @jillblaz confirmed last week that they had been sorted out.



Currently there is still a significant lag to showing the correct audience size after uploading an audience. It is possible for it to suddenly change as there are some steps like estimation phase which can cause some instability in the displayed results. My recommendation is to wait at least 48 hours, and then if the size still shows Too Small please feel free to escalate to your POC or here again with the specific details of which account ID and tailored audience ID if possible.




Thanks for the info, John @JBabichJapan

Please notice that there is an additional issue here: the web interface fails to upload the audience files. It just stays at “99%” forever.


Ok I am able to repro this and yet actually I haven’t heard of this particular issue being reported via other channels, so I went ahead and alerted some internal folks.

For these sort of issues that deal with, it would be helpful if you can hit the help button within the top right of interface and file a report there - it will alert to the basically 24/7 ads operations team who should be able to help escalate appropriately (please attach a screenshot and explanation of what’s going on).