Problems with summary card


I approved this url:

And now, twitter cards must be working in other pages og my site, but it’s not.

For example: - it’s working page - it doesn’t work.

I don’t why, anybody help? Yesterday, i try this url - But today it doesn’t work.

And all my cards haven’t image - it’s second problem.

Please, help me.



Hi there,

I see the image pointing here:

I’m investigating an issue with our minimum image size. In the meantime, can you point it to an image that is at least 120x120 in resolution?




Hi, i put the bigger image:

But no changes

I try this in test page for twittercard
Because in the majority pages twitter cards didn’t work. I have no ideas how to solve this problem.



Have you any ideas?

Big images didn’t help me.


Hi. thanks!

Images are working now!
But not all pages with twitter card are working(

For example: test approved page is working: ( )
and this page ( )

Not working pages: ( )

That pages are same, but some of them are working, other aren’t. What is wrong?


Hi there,

I’m seeing some latency in hitting the URL:

Our system does caching, and times out after 15 seconds or so. Sometimes I see this page load after 30+ seconds.

Is it possible to determine why the latency is happening? This might very well help our caching and your Cards issues.