Problems with request_token



I’m trying to make a call to request_token but I’m getting a lot of problems. I think my problem is with the parameters in it.
For now I have:

  • oauth_callback = webpage
  • oauth_signature_method = HMAC-SHA1
  • oauth_timestamp = mytimestamp
  • oauth_consumer_key = myconsumerkey
  • oauth_signature = mysignature (calculated with the rest of parameters encoded, applying HMAC-SHA1,… which I think it’s correct )
  • oauth_version = 1.0

I would really appreciate any help about any of this points:

  1. I get the Twitter server time, but I’m not sure which is the format needed, milliseconds?
  2. request_token is the first call of authorization to make, right? or do I need any previous step before calling to request_token?
  3. I have read somewhere that for the signing key (when applying hmac-sha1 to the base string) you just need the consumer secret + an ampersand at the end. But then here:
    says that the signing key is formed with the consumer secret AND the token secret. So should I include it?
  4. Any other clue about what could be wrong in my code, to receive a 401 response code from request_token

Thank you for your time!