Problems with proper serving ads using MoPub



We have problems with proper serving ads, but with one campaign - other campaigns are delivered properly.

On Jan 11th, we noticed that this problematic campaign uncontrollably deliver views, by every category refresh on Android, while MoPub didn’t show views, just the clicks.

On Jan 12th, the campaing is almost not delivered at all, still not see the number of impressions, and number of click go down from yesterday’s 890 to today’s 120.

Agency that campaign goes over said that they track until now 272 483 impressions.

The campaign is simple (static .jpg) with url and tracking codes.

Does anyone had the similiar problem? Or can help with some advice?

Thanks in advance.




Hey Ivan,

This seems to be an individual publisher specific issue. Can you please email with more details?



Hi Edward,

At the end, we found out what is the problem (it was the tracking code :)).