Problems with my API on Tweetdeck


I’ve been on Tweetdeck for nearly 2 years, I’ve kept it updated and never had any problems but now when I sign in I’m told that my twitter credentials have changed, that my access has been revoked or my password has changed. I type in my password accurately but then for some reason I’m unable to tweet, this has been going on now for 48 hours. At one point it said that it couldn’t authenticate my API but that message has stopped appearing.

Is there an easy way I can solve this? I’ve been on the Tweetdeck site but I find their information vague. At one point I even reinstalled but it made no difference. I can’t use Seismic either for the same reasons.

Sorry if this is a really obvious question but I seriously have no idea what I’m supposed to do.



Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately this discussion group is intended for developers working with the API, not consumers of the API. Please report issues with official Twitter clients to



Hi i had the same problem as you. My problem was solved after i changed my clock on the computer. So check if your clock is at the right time, because here in the Netherlands the clock changed due to day light savings. Once i corrected the computers clock i could login as usual. I hope this works for you.




I had the same problem, several months ago. The API seeemed to rest, after a few adjustments that I made. Also, one of the adjustments was the clock issue itself.