Problems with cards for links


We have an intermittent issue with one particular url. When posted without link shortening, Twitter card is created without any problem. When the same link is shortened with, no link preview appear on the tweet. For instance, and But sometimes card is created even for shortened link: Is there a way to make behavior reliable?

URL affected:

All shortened links are successful in Twitter card validator.


This is expected. links are not always going to return good cards data.

Link shorteners are generally not required since all URLs are already handled by the shortener service on Twitter anyway so you’re not saving a lot of space by using a service like You’re welcome to do so, but this just means that your original link is obfuscated by both, and by, so it’s a double amount of wrapping.


@andypiper, thank you for the quick response. But how can we do so that good cards are shown on the tweet with link? Here an image is broken, here the card is absent entirely, but tweet with not shortened link looks good:
Shortening with is not only for saving space, but also for tracking metrics.

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