Problems sending links in DMs with the API


We are restructuring back-end elements of our direct message system. As a result, users may be unable to send some URLs in direct messages using the API.

We apologize for the inconvenience. As we continue to work to update our DM system, the ability to send URLs in direct messages has been gradually returning. Please file a ticket at and send us one of the URLs you're trying to send, we can see what we can do to speed this along so your app can again function.


how do i get my verified check back… they took it away and gave me the new twitter layout help please no one is replying


Hi @froginthevalley

I’ve put a ticket in so hopefully our app can once again function!

Kind regards


Hi, am working on a super important project, and just realized that DMs with URLs aren’t going through since yesterday morning, although it was working the day before!! my project is supposed to go live tomorrow… please help me!!!

  1. There’s no logical explanation as to why a code or architectural refactor would result in an errant regular expression denying DMs; that would imply this is a regression of some sort. We’d probably all prefer that Twitter not suggest it’s a bug related to a refactor and, instead, outline what these new URLs through DMs policies actually are (or will be).

  2. Why do some URLs work in some DMs but not others? I’ve had instances where sending a URL over DM was not an issue. There seems to be no clear pattern; whether I mutually follow the person or am sending a 1-way DM nor based on URLs.

  3. This reply suggests that sending DMs with URLs will not be rejected if it is not sent through the API. Does this mean I can send URLs without hassle through the website? If so, does that imply that Twitter is introducing a degraded experience over the API with regards to DMs? Should we be worried that disparity in functionality between the API and the website will continue to spread to other core functionality? For instance, will replies with URLs quit working over the API soon?

  4. For those of you looking for a workaround, the brilliant wizards that coded this functionality weren’t the best at regular expressions. A simple enough workaround for now is to prefix a URL with a hash as so: “Check out # for more info.”

Right now I’m unable to DM URLs and I’m randomly rate limited while attempting to provide customer support to my paying customers from my personal Twitter account. I’m not building anything on top of Twitter, but unfortunately was pushed into this developer forum to complain despite not actually needing this functionality for any applications I’m building on top of Twitter (not that I’d be so insane as to consider doing that).


Any updates? I develop a Twitter app and users reporting that they can’t send URL in a DM.