Problem with widget!


Im using a widget for a twitter timeline that i have post on my website, but im having a problem:
The timeline is in english, and i need it in portuguese, the same as twitter showed me in the preview when i was creating!
I explored the JS of the timeline and it have a lot of languages, but how this application detect the language of the website? Cause in the preview here on twitter is in portuguese, but in my website is in english…


The way how language detection works is explained here: (the page is about embedded tweets but it works the same way for the other widgets).
The simplest way is to change the language of a widget to Portuguese is to add lang=“pt” to the tag of your widget.


Perfect! The problem is solved! Thanks :smiley:


I have added a twitter feed to our website using the code provided (see below) and it is not visible in IE
? Please advise.

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