Problem with verification of login from twitter android



In the first place, I would like to ask for forgiveness because i speak spanish and my english level is very low… And in the second place, also I would like to ask for forgiveness for this message, but i think it is a big mistake and many people are losing their twitter accounts.

A security measure of Twitter is the verification of login. I think it is a good measure against hackers and other people, but it does have some drawbacks. This morning, the meeting was closed my account and was also shut down the application. I have a beta version of Twitter 5.0. When I attempt to log into my account, i requested a temporary password. This temporary password is achieved by accessing my account from authenticate on and I can’t access because i asked to verify the login from my mobile phone … I cannot access my account or from my laptop or from my mobile phone. This is my problem. I lost my Twitter account. I’ve looked in the Help section of twitter and nothing. There is no solution to be able to recover my account…

This is a new account and i have lost my tweets, my followers, my photos … and i’m not the one, we are many people that we have lost our accounts…

I hope a solution and thanks for read me! :wink: