Problem with Soundcloud player within Twitter


Hi There,

When our soundcloud track is listed within a tweet the player does not work, there is a loading error and a message of ‘oops we cannot find this track’. This is just with the drop down player. If you were to click the link it will take you to sound cloud and the track will play.

I have previously contacted soundcloud about this as it is a problem that occurs when a track is re-uploaded on sound cloud to the same url, although it only happens on twitter.

Soundcloud’s response was that It looks like this might be due to how twitter caches information on their end and once they refresh their caches the problem should disappear. Would you be able to tell me, if this is correct, when this might be or if you are able to this for this link? Unfortunately it is quite urgent that this is fixed for us due to press links. The track link is below

Many thanks



The Cards crawler typically caches information for 7 days before being refreshed, so if you’ve changed the content (reuploaded the track) within that window, there’s a chance that the information will be stale.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for getting back to me. So would I be right in thinking that when it is refreshed it should work again?

Many thanks



I can’t comment specifically on the audio / Soundcloud experience, but that’s a fair assumption to make in this case.