Problem with sign in and the "Request email addresses from users"-permission


I’m trying to implement Twitter Sign In as a part of our user registration flow and I’m having some issues with using the “Request email addresses from users” permission. Our application is whitelisted and so we have the checkbox to enable that particular permission. However I’m running into some issues to actually get it to work properly.

First things first, when using the application account’s access tokens the email is in the response from verify_credentials, but when I try to do the same for another authorized user using the Sign In-flow it is as if the access tokens being returned to me don’t have that particular permission. One thing I noticed that is acting weird is that the user have to sign in and authorize the application permissions every time. Instead of it just being the first time and the consecutive sign in’s directly going to redirect. Also, every time the user authorizes the sign in another entry of that application is added to “settings->apps” of that particular account. And none of the items in that list have the “Has access to your email address” which I would expect it to have when you are actually granting that permission. So if you sign in 10 times there are 10 entires of with “Permissions: read, write, and direct messages”. This only happens when I wish to get the email permission. If I for example add “x_auth_access_type=read” it works as it should, with only one application entry for the user.

What should have been a couple of hours work has now turned into days and I’m running out of ideas on how to sort it out.
Our backend is running rails with omniauth and omniauth-twitter to handle the sign ins.

Any help at all on how to figure this out or to nudge me back on track would be greatly appreciated!


Wow! Exactly the problem I’m having. Seems like it’s putting in a new app every time instead of just updating. So, even though the authorization screen says I’ll be getting access to the user’s email, I do not (and I can’t log user into our site since we don’t get the email). The multiple instances of the app is very confusing.

Once I deleted the multiple applications in my Twitter settings, I kind of expected to get the email address. But, alas, Twitter seems to be “remembering” that setting and I still do not have access (I have 6 sites whitelisted and so far have been able to get the email for only one of them).

When I look at the applications on my Twitter account (in account settings), I see the application that has email access has the text “Has access to your email address”. My applications that have the email access checkbox checked but I do not get the email address back do not have this text.

What’s up? Seems like a bug?


(You’ve only lost a few days? Consider yourself lucky: I’ve been working on getting emails from Twitter for over a year! LOL)…

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Oops. Now the one application that WAS getting an email address back is NO LONGER getting the email address. Good thing I haven’t moved this to production yet!



Thanks for your input Owen. At least it’s somewhat comforting that somebody else is having the exact same problem! :wink:

Any Twitter staff that could shine light on this?


I have exactly the same issue.


Wanted to add. My twitter app is not live yet and i am working off of localhost. Was working 100% fine, and then suddenly exactly the same issues as the others in this thread, nothing changed.

I had regenerated my consumer keys at a similar time and thought that this may have caused the issue. But if others are reporting the same thing, i guess my key regeneration is unrelated.


I emailed support and they said that this is a known issue.

They advised to watch this thread for an update.


Seems to be working “properly” this morning…


Same here - seems to be working for me now.