Problem with sharing a blog on twitter


I am new to twitter tags. I applied “Summary Card with Large Image” card type to share the blog. All the required tags applied on our website. But whenever a new blog comes, every time we need to validate the blog URL to show the content and images while posting on the twitter. If I don’t validate the URL, then it only tweets the URL.

URL affected:
Please check the URL, I didn’t validate this URL. All the other blogs are validated and working fine.
For validation, I am using this link:

Troubleshooting steps tried already:


The link validates fine. Sometimes it may take a short while after first Tweeting a link or new page for the card to be picked up by the crawler, so this may be the cause of what you are seeing.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, you are right. I got the point. It takes some time to crawl the URL. When I visited the twitter after 5-10 mins, blog link was showing perfectly fine on twitter.

Thanks Again!


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