Problem with request token


Hi all,
I’ve a problem with the request token; I saw that among the headers of POST oauth/request_token there is oauth_signature, and i understood that i can calculate the signture with the token but i use oauth/request_token precisely because i need the token.
Is there other algoritm to calculate the signature?

Thanks in advance.


The request token step is a little special…

You don’t need the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret in that context to make the signature. You omit oauth_token as one of your signing parameters. And when generating the composite signing key, you leave the place where oauth_token_secret would be used blank.

So instead of:
"{consumer_secret}&{oauth_token_secret}" you use “{consumer_secret}&” to sign the request.


i did it but i’ve still probliem with connection (returns me 401 therefore an error) i have this OAuth header: OAuth oauth_callback=“oob”,oauth_consumer_key=“MyKEY”,oauth_nonce=“f9d817310e964d61b6fafe511680af5f”,oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”,oauth_timestamp=“1352131542”,oauth_version="1.0"oauth_signature=“8jv925oxIW9BpTtT8UyGPJrQ0xY=”


another question, after when i use access token will i calculate again signature with consumer secret and token secret?


could someone help me?


i solved


i am still a newbie in ios and i need to integrate twitter in my app using reverse oauth…
i am still getting confused with the first step itself which says: Obtain a Special Request Token

Can anyone please post a dummy code on how to make this request??