Problem with reach estimate returning no count with a valid tailored audience


I have a tailored audience (id: sax5) with an audience_size of ~4000. I’m trying to make a reach_estimate call with this tailored audience:

and get the following response:


The response for this audience is:

{“data_type”:“tailored_audiences”,“data”:{“targetable”:true,“name”:“ONEHOPE Wine Connections for Mailchimp”,“targetable_types”:[“CRM”,“EXCLUDED_CRM”],“audience_type”:“CRM”,“id”:“sax5”,“reasons_not_targetable”:[],“list_type”:“EMAIL”,“created_at”:“2015-05-20T03:54:07Z”,“updated_at”:“2015-05-20T20:28:17Z”,“partner_source”:“OTHER”,“deleted”:false,“audience_size”:“4033”},“request”:{“params”:{“tailored_audience_id”:“sax5”,“account_id”:“2aio14”}}}

So there are clearly users in this tailored audience. Is there something I’m missing about the reach estimate?


@albertldlan this issue isn’t reproducing - here’s the response I got:

“data”: {
“count”: 2680,
“infinite_bid_count”: 2860
“data_type”: “reach_estimate”,
“request”: {
“params”: {
“account_id”: “2aio14”,
“tailored_audiences”: [
“user_id”: “138599464”


That’s interesting. At the time I posted this thread the tailored audience had users uploaded less than a day before. Do you know if that may have had anything to do with the reach estimate being 0? That tailored audience was marked as READY in the audience manager at that time as well.