Problem with notifications




I created a bot @pogodynkapl
This bot tweet the weather once per hour for 12 cities. If you want you can set reminders for your city and hours when you want to get notification.
Everything works fine, 23 pepole set reminders, but from a certain date they don’t get notifications about weather. Why ? I dont know, but bot tweet every reminders (I have all of tweets id), but this people don’t get noticiations.


Not sure what the issue could be, sorry. It might be that you triggered some sort of spam-filtering on Twitter side and therefore the users get no notifications for these Tweets anymore. Other than that I have no idea what could be the problem.


I tested it. When I mention from Web that works. When I mention from API REST doesn’t work. So maybe API have issue ?


Well that kind of matches my expectation of the behavior of spam filtering, as most spam/unwanted mentions are probably mostly sent through the REST API and not the website. But if you tweet successfully with the API and get no error back and the Tweet is published, I really have no idea other than what I already said, why it would not show up as notification for the mentioned user.

Maybe someone from the Twitter Dev team can answer this in a better way.


There’s certainly no guarantee that Tweets will cause a user to be notified. @mentions are filtered for a variety of reasons including for safety or for spam purposes. Unfortunately there’s no way to ensure that a given Tweet will cause a notification.

A more reliable way to ensure that users get the message might be to use direct messages instead, but that of course requires that they follow the account and allow direct messages from it.


Maybe there is any exception? People like this method of informing :disappointed: