Problem with images


Hi, about two weeks ago i have seen this problem on twitter cards (I never had this problem before)
I have checked the validator, checked the size, the universal URL, the robots.txt file but i didn’t find the solution.
Here one of my pages:

As you can see in my profile the image doesn’t appear.

Anyone can help me?

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Hi Daniele, I think maybe one of the rules in your robots.txt file conflicts with or overrides some of the others? I don’t think our fetcher can grab the image based on that file unfortunately. Can you simplify it, or explicitly grant Twitterbot access at the top of the file?


Hi, thanks for the reply.
Can you send me the row that i have to add in the robots.txt file?
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There’s information on how to setup robots.txt in our troubleshooting guide, but like I said, your file is currently a bit complicated so there may be some conflicting rules.


Hi, thanks again.
Here my robots.txt

User-agent: *

Disallow: /admin/
Disallow: */admin/

Allow: /admin/foto/
Allow: /admin/fotoart/
Allow: /admin/fotopiloti/
Allow: /admin/fotoscu/

User-agent: Twitterbot


The images of the card doesnt’t appear.
Do you think that there is something wrong with the robots.txt? And why everything had worked perfectly only two weeks ago?
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I’ve just checked this in the cards validator and it looks OK now.


Having the same issue.

Example tweet status 772432481823952896

Was working fine until a coulple of weeks ago. Cards validator says it’s whitelisted and finds the card url. Twitterbot is not blocked:

“HEAD /agile/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/devops.jpg HTTP/1.1” 200 5279 “-” “Twitterbot/1.0”

Using wordpress and meta-tags plugin to generated the HTML headers, which look fine. Also, not all cards are affected.


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