Problem with filters in Twitter's Search Widget


I use some filters to block some undesired tweets, It was working fine, until a week ago when it stopped. Some help? Thanks


Hello Rafa,
Experienced same problem since February 29.
Would be nice if someone of the Twitter Dev department could react on this matter.

Cees van Dongen


Wow, what is all this “/^@\w{1,20}\s+|[“”]@+|([hj][aeiou])\1+|([!?¡¿])\2+|([abcçdefghijklmnñopqrstuvxyz])\3+\3+|\sv[ií]a\s@|[\s\w!?.,][:x;][)(dps]|acab[eo]\sd[e’]|cami[mn]?[oei]?[t]?[o]?\sd[e’]|de\scami[mn]?[oei]?[t]?[o]?|[\s#]put[oa]/i " …

I am to develop similar filter to block ‘negative’ words … Here is a list of obscene words … obviously it looks nothing like what is in your code.

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