Problem with cURL : "track" not recognized



I have to get datas from Twitter in a JSON file, meaning that i have to use a cURL command.
I have a problem while executing this cURL command on my PC :

curl --get --data “locations=2.08%2C48.65%2C2.63%2C49.05&"track=NuitBlanche “ --header “Authorization: OAuth oauth_consumer_key=“fU3xxxxxxxxxDh”, oauth_nonce=“99xxxxxxxxx3095”, oauth_signature=“ZLxxxxxxxxx5o%3D”, oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”, oauth_timestamp=“1453472902”, oauth_version=“1.0” “ –verbose -k > NuitBlanche2015.json

When i execute it ine the cmd it always sends me this :

I tried different things but i always come to this so if anyone knows what to do to get the JSON file, it would really help me.

Thank you


One thing to note is that the track parameter is outside of the quotation marks.

(I edited your post to remove the OAuth keys, you should not share these in public posts to avoid people using your app)

You may find our [twurl]( utility makes it easier to consume the API than using curl directly.