Problem with authorization headers - Error: 401 Unauthorized



I’m working on a .NET desktop app that simply pulls tweets for a user and sorts them. I am currently able to do everything unauthenticated, but I would like to authenticate the user to be able to pull mentions and have a higher request limit. I am using a pin-based authentication process. I am able to retrieve the pin and generate an access token. However, when I try to send a WebRequest to the API with my authorization headers, I receive a 401.

Here is the header format I am using:

OAuth oauth_callback=“oob”, oauth_consumer_key=“KEY_HERE”, oauth_nonce=“4n2l62q6”, oauth_signature=“mSyVZhikHi%2Fhp1bXonlEhtZuOh0%3D”, oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”, oauth_timestamp=“1326733809”, oauth_token=“459442112-kLz3jkHAmqWRktrqRfNr1BCvnZgfXo31Wxw1CEUw”, oauth_verifier=“7588205”, oauth_version=“1.0”

I am creating a new header for each request, and I am adding the string to the Authorization key of the request’s Header. Can anyone please help me figure why the request is not going through?



Which URL gives you the 401? Note that you shouldn’t send oauth_callback for any requests except the request_token fetch (which appears to work correctly for you). Also make sure that any parameters you’re sending to the API are included when generating your signature.