Problem with authentication on statuses/update.json


I have a problem with authentication over API. I’m using PHP library to generate a request and it fails every time with “401 Could not authenticate with OAuth”. So I thought problem is with my script and I used oAuth Tool from application settings to generate RAW cURL request. I copied it to cmd and run cURL request and got “401 Could not authenticate with OAuth”. So the problem is - even though I used your RAW request and oAuth signature in less then a minute after generating it with oAuth too - Authentication fails.

cURL request looks like this (it’s on Windows so it is required to change ’ with "):
curl --request “POST” “” --data “status=New+project+test+” --header “Authorization: OAuth oauth_consumer_key=‘XXXXXXXXXX’, oauth_nonce=‘XXXXXXXXXXX’, oauth_signature=‘XXXXXXXXXXXX’, oauth_signature_method=‘HMAC-SHA1’, oauth_timestamp=‘1350990160’, oauth_token=‘XXXXXXXXX’, oauth_version=‘1.0’” --verbose

My application have RW privilegies and I double-checked tokens - they are correct (yes I copied them from the application settings - can that be a problem?)

Thanks in advance.

They switched to the 1.1. API some time ago (on october) so you have to update