Problem with account



Dear MoPub Team, our account was suspended two weeks ago. We haven’t received any notification about the problem we have to solve to avoid this kind of consequences. Honestly, we don’t even know why did it happen. Now it’s the third week of MoPub’s silence and we still beat our head against the wall trying to reach you and solve the problem…

Nobody from MoPub team is able to answer this simple question – “why?”. It’s even worse – nobody from MoPub is able to reply to our messages. Would you mind if we kindly ask you once again – how to get our account back and fix that issue?

That’s the first time we have such irrational situation with our business partner and we are totally disappointed with your services. We can’t even imagine how does the company as big as MoPub work on the market without the efficient support team…


Tweet button does not work; can’t load media; some posts that should have pics have blank spaces; is anyone listening!


Hi @tbullgames,

Thanks for reaching out!

If your account was suspended you will need to reach out to MoPub Policy Team at for assistance as they deal directly with account activation and suspension.