Problem with access levels


In my oauth settings I have set my access level to read write and direct messages.
But under the access token header it says I only have read only access. I’m guessing this is why I cant tweet from my website atm. What steps should I take to grant full access?

Thank you


I think you’ve found out the issue that was causing the problem in our discussion on [node:296]. If not leave a reply here.


I’m having the same problem. The OAuth access level is “Read and write,” but the access token access level is “Read-only.” What do I need to do to correct it?


Hi @AndrewHemingway,

If your access token is read-only then it’s likely you negotiated it when your app was set to a read-only state. To re-negotiate it, the best way is to first go to and find the application then revoke it’s access. Wait about 5 minutes to make sure that our system caches have cleared and then obtain your access token again either through OAuth or the “my access token” feature on this site after making sure that the application settings/permission type are as you wish them to be.


hello, i’m having the same problem… I have revoked access as you were right, it only had read access to my access token, but how do i give it full access after revoking?, i cant find it anywhere


tech_org I don’t know if your still having a problem, but basicaly when you ask for the access token it sets it to what ever permissions you have already set for the app, which can be changed at any point. So set the app permissions and THEN ask for the access token.


OMG this is indeed needlessly complicated - following @SMPGroupplc, I had to actually delete my application and recreate it to get read/write access with my access token (of course begging the question of why this isn’t easily changeable). But as @tech_org asked, I need to re-grant my app access to my twitter account (after I have revoked it as you suggested above). When @episod said ‘through OAuth or the “my access token” feature’ where exactly is that feature found?


Hi All,

I am allowing the users of my application to login/register through Twitter OAuth.I am successfully able to login/register my user with current implementation.In future i also want to post the user comments and content on twitter i.e. photo,video etc.In response i am getting access token key & token secret.And in the application area its showing read,write and direct message access permissions.

Do i need any other permission or information to do the same like in FB we send the offline_access permission while authenticating to access the user information and post user data while he/she is off-line.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


The “My Access Token” feature can be found at the bottom of your Apps Details. To list all your Apps, go to


I get around this problem by setting ‘Application Type’ first in ‘Setting’ tab before creating access token.
By doing that I get ‘Read and write’ Access Level in Access Token.


its annoying never works for me…


I just recreated and did above. Works perfectly. Thanks Jarle


Since pushing the button “CREATE MY Access Token” does not generate NOTHING?


Recreate your app tool is worked for me.