Problem w/ ECMAScript + Referer wrt/ Buttons on Twtter (UA: Mz FF 3X)


Hello devs,

since our last Twitter login on May 15 we experience some problems when trying to follow accounts or using the like, retweet, whatever buttons.

Usually we set “network.http.sendRefererHeader” to “2” within Mozilla Firefox, which resolved the problem in the past. However that seems not to work anymore!

Also some strange redirects happened from “” to “” and sometimes to “”.

Since we use Mozilla Firefox 38 ESR and a security patched 24 ESR which we haven’t changed last week we assume it has something to do with Twitter itself.

Hopefully you can help us/point us into the right direction. We appreciate your help; thanks in advance!


By the way… we have NoScript allowed to execute all scripts (NS: disabled) and Disconnect extension allowed to filter (DC: enabled). Also all media plugins are disabled at all times, and no special request policies were applied to the user agent.

In case it helps: we tried to submit a help request first on “” and were unable to cklick the submit button as well.