Problem : upload a picture when i tweet using tweet box?


My application is based on HTML5 and javascript only. I use the api anywhere to add a tweet. I’d like to also attaching a picture to my tweet. I add a multipart form with my tweet box in the same page. I like when I select a picture using the multipart form and I tweet with the box, the picture is also added to my tweet.I can how to do with “”.Can you help Me
Thank you


Since you need to sign a request to post a Tweet you’ll need to have a server side component which will sign and issue a request to Twitter’s API.


Can you give me more informations about that because i don’t understand. I must used the tweetbox to add a tweet and attach a picture to it ( with multipart form). I must used javascript language


The @Anywhere tweetbox doesn’t support uploading media. You’ll need to use a server-based integration for this.