Problem understanding API v1.1 Rate Limits per application


Hi everyone,

I have an app where an user can log-in and check all kind of stats about their twitter account also they can schedule content such as tweets, dms, etc. I am implementing right now the new API v1.1 and I have some questions about the 1.1/application/rate_limit_status, I happen to have hundreds of users at the same time checking my app, this new rate limits are applied to my app? or are they applied to the authenticated user as before? because if it is against my app even the 180 hits per 15 minute window is gonna be too little for the amount of users I have, I will give an example:

if an user A make a request to see the mentions timeline with my app X, that method is gonna be now 14 remaining, now if an user B request the same method simultaneously on my app X, now my app X is going to have 13 hits remaining for this method until the time window ends?

I will appreciate some help in this matter!



The 1.1 API rates are per user per app. Each user gets their own rate limit for your app.


Thanks! That calms me down a bit.