Problem to call javascript function with a my id


I have problem with twitter. when i add tweet button on mysite and try to call a javascript function with a user_id but it is not working properly.
please give me proper solution.

Atanu Mondal
Endue Technologies.


If you’re trying to read the user_id object from the web intent javascript event triggered from the Tweet Button, you will find it doesn’t exist. The user_id object only appears on a subset of javascript events, and Tweet is not one of them.


I have a blog listing page in my website.

I have introduce tweet button for every blog listing. My logic is that, when a user click on tweet button, he/she will get some points. For that i need the blog_id for my site. Can I get the blog_id using javascript or jquery. Please give the solution.
Atanu Mondal
Endue Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Kolkata, India