Problem recreating a twitter dataset




I am a research student studying Computer Science (MS) and i am trying to recreate this dataset of 16907 tweets. I was able to fetch 16307 tweets using the twitter API but for the remaining 549 tweets i am receiving the following types of errors.

  1. No status found with that ID.
  2. Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status.
  3. User has been suspended.
  4. Sorry, that page does not exist.

Even after reading through a lot of documentation, i could not resolve this issue. Is there any way i can fetch any of these tweets? ( I also tried the internet archive but it did not give me any results)

Since the required data is very small (just 500 tweets) and the task is for research purposes, would it be possible that any admin or community member with higher privileges provide me with the remaining data? Any help would be highly appreciate.

(I have already mailed the authors requesting for the remaining dataset but it seems he is not reachable at the moment.)



If the user has been suspended or the Tweet does not exist there is no way to retrieve the data. This is the precise reason why Twitter data sets should be shared as Tweet IDs rather than in their entirety per the developer policy, to respect deletion and user privacy.


@andypiper Thanks for your reply.

The author agreed to share the crawled dump so i no longer need it fetch it again.

The idea of deleting a tweet completely does not seem like a good one.
Consider the usecase, when a user publishes something abusive creating havoc and then he removes complete trace of it. That does not seems like something a sensible person would want. And if unfortunately someone forgets to take screenshot of it then it is equivalent to the crime not being committed in the 1st place as it is impossible to prove it.


Thanks for your thoughts on this. I’m just reporting the nature of the developer policy and requirements. You should not store or share full Tweets, just Tweet IDs; and if your app is serving Twitter content you should reflect the status of the user’s content (removed or made private etc). Apologies if this is not in line with your thinking but we do require that developers and researchers follow this policy. Deleted Tweets are not recoverable.