Problem reading tweets using get search


I am able to acheive oauth authenication for GET statuses/user_timeline …

But How can i Search tweets using GET search/tweets in new api 1.1. it always give me unauthorized 401

Base String that i generate:


HeadFormat that i generate:

OAuth oauth_consumer_key="", oauth_nonce="<myoauth_nonce>", oauth_signature="", oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”, oauth_timestamp=“1371554380”, oauth_token="<Myoauth_tooken>", oauth_version=“1.0"”

url: (added the header while requesting)


Can you do a quick check from, there an OAuth tool in the right hand column, choose your specific app from the drop down, then click “generate signature”. Is this the same as when you generate it from your application context (in your code)?