Problem loading Embed Tweet within Website



we have some major issues, embedding tweets to our site.


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="de"><p>Das Kind nicht fragen, wo es herkommt. An der Maske aber deren Trägerin erkennen. Klingt logisch. <a href="">#Tatort</a></p>— Niklas (@Fauteck) <a href="">26. April 2015</a></blockquote>

There are no problems, when trying to embed this tweet at our local site. But trying to implementate this to our production-server, it’s always trying to load instead of (within the iframe) what results to a AccessDenied and the Tweet dissapears.

Do you have any idea, what’s going wrong?


You probably have a framework like prototype that is modifying Function.prototype.bind. prototype is known to modify bind in a way that is not spec compliant. widgets.js relies on a spec compliant bind(). You can verify it by trying this in the console of the page and you should get ‘native code’.

> function bind() { [native code] }


Thank you very much! Indeed, prototype was the problem. Works now, thanks! :smile: