Problem displaying Twitter Feed in my JS file (Bootstrap)


Hi there,

I’m having a problem displaying my FEED in my custom JS for my Bootstrap site. Currently, the code below displays only my REPLIES and not my feed. What do I do to change this to display my FEED and everyone I follow, etc.

$.getJSON('’, function(tweets){

 $("#twitter").html(tz_format_twitter(tweets)); </code>


Few tips:

  • You’re using a deprecated version of the API (v1) that will stop working next month
  • The user timeline is a timeline of tweets authored or retweeted by the named user
  • You can’t display your home timeline to the outside world, it’s just for you to see
  • The only supported option for client-side embedded feeds is [node:3634]


Thanks for the tips Taylor.

Can you kindly point me in the right direction on how to change the code to use the latest version of the API?


Unfortunately the change to the timeline approved by Twitter is bulky, awkward, and sucks. I’ve already decided to discontinue my twitter feed on my personal site. I’m debating on removing from my other two sites and the sites of clients.

A twitter feed is supposed to provide content to the user of my site. When the “official” timeline of my twitter feed interferes with the design and content of my site then it has to go. I refuse to allow my sites to look like crap.