Problem: Delete my last tweet


I develop a website with javascript and html5.this is my function (javascript) that allows display my last tweet in a HTML pages :

function gettweet(){
$.getJSON(“",function(data) {$(“div#tweet”).append(’-’+data[0].text.replace(/(https?://[^ ;|\*’”!,()<>]+/?)/g, ‘$1’) +’’);
I used Anywhere ( to add a tweet in the same page and the authentification is etablished with this API
I would like to delete my tweet using the button Submit. To delete a tweet , i must use this resource statuses/destroy I don’t understand how I am using that.

Thank you for your help


You cannot delete a tweet using @anywhere.


what is the solution to my problem? I’d like to delete my last tweet using javascript with this code ??


We only support the elements of @Anywhere that are directly documented. If you want support for robust actions like this, you need to use the full REST API with OAuth.


I want to get rid of my twitter account


here i go again for succesful in you and me.