Problem (code 34) when trying to access user's recent favorites using EpiTwitter/twitter-async


Hello developers,

I’m using the Twitter REST API v1.1 to fetch some info about authenticated users. I would like to display the user’s most recents favorited tweets.

I am using jmathai’s “twitter async” lib.
I have read

I am already able to authenticate, get a user’s home_timeline, and so on.
My problem is that when I try to access the recent favorites, it only answers “Sorry, that page does not exist (34)”.

$tweets = $twitterObj->get(’/favorites/list.json’, array(‘screen_name’=>‘dsampaolo’));
(I tried to switch to my user_id, remove $params…)

The doc does’nt state that the endpoint is deprecated.
Am I missing something obvious ?

Thanks for your replies and help.


Having the same problem.

It seems to be only in this method (GET statuses/user_timeline works fine).

Thanks for any help you could give.