Problem building iOS app when twitter-text is the dependency of a CocoaPod



I’m using the twitter-text objective-c library in my Swift based iOS app. The library is a dependency of my own Twitter utilities library which I include my project as a local development pod using CocoaPods. It runs fine in the debugged but when I attempt to create an archive in Xcode to upload to iTunes Connect, I get the following error:

Include of non-modular header inside framework module ‘twitter_text’

Has anyone else managed to resolve this issue?


I believe the team were aware of this and had plans to push a new version of the twitter-text CocoaPod but I’ve been unable to confirm that this has been done. Have you tried to run a build today?


I’m using the latest CocoaPod 2.0.5 but I’m still getting this error.

As a workaround I’ve had to move my code from my library into my main project.

Is there any way to track the fix for this issue?