Problem (and paradox) when I try to create an app



I work for a digital ad company in Chile, and I was creating an application. However, the Twitter platform rejects this app, and shows “You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application”.

However, I tried to add a mobile phone number on my Twitter profile, I only get a “Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your carrier yet!” message; thus making unable for me to create a new app

I could create apps before, so I assume this requirement is new

Is it possible to check what should I do? And could Twitter remove this requirement?



same problem in israel. I have tried 5 phone numbers and its not working.


same problem in India


First of all, we are really sorry about the inconvenience. We are experimenting with new requirements for application creation to reduce abusive uses of the platform.

Please take a look at this discussion thread: [node:25870], and use the link below if you are unfortunately unable to meet the mobile phone requirements from your country:


We are aware of the current difficulties and actively working on improving the app registration flow. Thanks for your patience.


also I have problem to create an application NextScripts

this message come to me

Validation failed: NextScripts already been taken in order to Name

in the main page said:
You don’t currently have any Twitter Apps.