Private tweets


My dear TWITTER don’t you have brain?

I want my settings as

1.People will have to request me to follow me and each follow request should require approval
2.@replies I send to people who aren’t following me should be shown to those users (because I want given them to see my Tweets)

Here is my case
1.I don’t want some advertisers/indecent people to follow me with out approval.
2.I follow some celebrities who whom i can’t make a call ask them to follow me,so that they can see my tweets.

Current available settings in Twitter:

Accounts with protected Tweets:

1.People will have to request to follow you and each follow request will need approval
2.Your Tweets will only be visible to users you’ve approved, meaning that other users will not be able to retweet your Tweets
3.Protected Tweets will not appear in Twitter search
4.@replies you send to people who aren’t following you will not be seen by those users (because you have not given them permission to see your Tweets)
5.You cannot share permanent links to your Tweets with anyone other than your approved followers
6.Please note: links, even those shared via DM, are neither private nor public. Anyone with the link will be able to view the content.