Private tweeting: alternative


Hello dear developers,
I have no computer programming skills but as a Twitter user, there is one thing I would like to suggest to developers regarding private accounts. Indeed, I very much like the option of private Tweeting and approving followers. However, sometimes, I would like to Tweet people who do not follow me or some of my Tweets to be retweetable (when nothing private is involved for example) and I think it is a pity that one has no option to do so.The privacy settings of Twitter are—in my opinion—not flexible enough. I would therefore suggest developers to add this option to the tweeting window. You could thus decide whether your Tweet is private or public the same way you decide to share your location. Another alternative would be to use a specific code/hashtag in the Tweet itself, e.g. #PT (for Public Tweet) at the beginning or at the end of one’s Tweet or start/end it with ‘~’.
What do you think?


I totally agree, please add it twitter!