Previous Version of OpenRTB 2.1 Documentation


Is there any way to view historical MoPub OpenRTB 2.1 specification documents?

The current version (updated 02/13/2015) has 11 sections in their Changelog. As an example, how can I access the raw OpenRTB 2.1 spec version prior to the 03/12/2014 update?

I’m doing some legacy code analysis and need these document versions.



Hi NathanChristie,

Thanks for your question; unfortunately we are not able to provide previously deprecated versions of the MoPub OpenRTB 2.1 specification.

Apologies for the inconvenience.



I appreciate the prompt response. Can you explain the rationale for restricting access to previous versions of your documentation?



Hi Nathan,

Apologies for the confusion; it’s not that we restrict access to previous versions, but simply that we do not maintain previous versions of our documentation.

Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance.



Thank you for the clarification. When you guys migrate to OpenRTB 2.3 next year, may I suggest versioning the documentation and making PDFs available as well? If we implement something against the current version of the spec and want to review our logic a month later after the spec changes, we cannot. Reviewing the rationale for the implementation strategy against the version of the spec used (at that time) is not possible with this model.

It looks like your documentation exists on some computer somewhere as an HTML file hooked up in Dropbox, which automatically creates a new version when a change occurs. I’m not being inflammatory - I’m just letting you know your team has the ability to review the history of your HTML documentation.



Thanks for the response Nathan, are you a DSP partner integrated with our exchange? If so, I’d love to continue this conversation over our alias. Please ping us there! Thanks!