Prevent coordinated spam flagging?


There needs to be a way for Twitter to lock an account for a (secret?) amount of time, to let coordinated spam flagging attacks dissipate before that account can get taken down by organized groups again. (Similar to what Wikipedia does when certain stories cause problems for articles.)

The current example is @ChrisLoesch, whose account has been taken down and reinstated several times in the last few hours. Something that would allow the user to continue to use their account, thereby removing the ‘thrill’ of successfully attacking anyone’s account.

Perhaps a solution that disables the auto-suspend, but continues to relay abuse reports, so unsuspended users themselves can’t abuse the system, either.

Thank you for your thoughts!


my official artist page has been suspended and i havent received any support for the tickets i submited to twitter i read that they work by what tickets come in first they will checkout first well i noticed other accounts that have got suspended after mine & unsuspended befor mine its frustrating to have put so much time in this account everyday over the last 3 yrs building connections & get suspended for unknown reasons when i have not changed my daily routine at all in 3 yrs … can i please get some feedback on my account ticket #5198305