Present Log In View within current modal view



Is it possible to present the Log In view that is called within logInWithMethods: so that it constraints to the current view size?

Put this…

Only over this Sign In view…


How are you presenting it? Not sure if you have access to presenting it but heres how to present it form sheet.

            let viewController = LoginViewController()
            viewController.modalPresentationStyle = .FormSheet
            self.presentViewController(viewController, animated: true, completion: nil)

I think you can also have the sign in VC show the login view controller (i.e. it slides from the side) if your sign in view controller is embedded or part of a UINavigationController by doing:

            self.showViewController(viewController, sender: self)


So the Sign in VC is presenting modally from the Log in VC (which is the one that appears at the back in the second image). But when calling the logInWithMethods function of the TwitterKit FW, it presents a new view, which covers the whole scree instead of just the Sign in VC.

I believe the issue is that the Twitter login screen that is presented when calling logInWithMethods is using .FullScreen and I need it to be .CurrentContext


Yea that might be it. But technically you want it to show. I personally never liked several form sheet layers. So you have your login full screen, your sign in form sheet, then twitters login will be on top of that ? To me thats too many layers


Yeah, it might be; but it would be nice if we could choose how to present our sign in view