Preroll line item error / Determing type of Funding Instrument


In the API, it seems that pre roll video campaigns cannot be created under an Added Value funding instrument, while they can in the UI. The error we received today when creating a line_item is this.

Revenue types HOUSE,MAKE_GOOD,PAID_NON_PROFIT_BONUS,PRO_BONO,VALUE_ADD are not allowed for Preroll View objective

Two questions:

  1. Is the API limitation going to be lifted in the future?
  2. Is there a way to determine the type of funding instrument other than parsing the description, which isn’t reliable. I didn’t see anything in the funding instrument documentation.


For the funding instrument type, there is a ‘type’ response value and the possible values are documented on (e.g. search for CREDIT_CARD on that page).

For the Preroll question, it would be good for you to pass on this feedback to whomever your program contact is because I don’t think it’s really an API limitation more of a policy thing.




Thanks for your reply, I’ll follow up with our platform rep with the preroll question.

The type returned from the API isn’t granular enough; all funding instruments I’ve checked are ‘INSERTION_ORDER’ Is there a way to the revenue type from above?


I think it would be a new API feature to expose those revenue types, and may be easier to relax the restriction you are pointing out compared to exposing this as a returned value (unless the business value of exposing it is something we can prioritize above other critical work going on, but unless there is reason besides preventing the user from hitting an error I’m not sure if it’s going to be something we can prioritize in short term…).