Premium search with location not efficient as the Standard API



I have been interested in extracting the tweets for a given country. The standard api with the “geocode” gave me the right results, but the drawback was the 7-day limitation (i could actually even get the data for the past 10 days).

I purchased a subscription to premium api, and was disappointed to find out that it did not give proper results. Neither place:“country” / place_country:XX / profile_country:XX, nor “point_radius:[lon lat rad]” worked out. I get a lot of tweets that are from other countries.

I wish I could use the standard search operators but with a premium access to historical data. Is there any alternative way I could get the historical data? Does the historical PowerTrack through the enterprise api (if i do a one-time historical data pull request as suggested here) use the same operators as the premium api?


What geocode are you using with the 7day?


I’m using “34.520,69.180,50km” which is for Kabul, Afghanistan. I get good results.
But if I use “point_radius:[69.180 34.520 40km]” with the premium API, around 70-80% of the tweets I get are from all around the world (and same results for place, place_country, or profile_country).